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It’s time to start living your best life!

  Are you ready to live your BEST life NOW?


Does this sound like you?  You’re tired of trying to figure out how to get your life in alignment with your inner truth, inner power and inner needs? You have a GREAT sense of humor but sadly you are not laughing enough due to feeling stressed? You have a BIG heart and want to be helpful to others (people, animals, nature) but feel spread so thin and feel so tired? You over-analyze EVERTHING and then feel exhausted and confused? Don’t actually ENJOY feeling like you have to be PRODUCTIVE all the time? You enjoy spending time alone, but sometimes feel guilty that you SHOULD spend time with others, AND you CRAVE authentic connections with others but not sure how to find those OTHERS? Well, you have come to the right place. That is me too! I’ve been there and can support you in moving out of overwhelm and confusion.  You absolutely DESERVE to live  your best life; not some day, but NOW.

Why aren’t women already living their BEST life NOW?

Too many of us are running around feeling exhausted and SUPER busy, but not actually feeling fulfilled or in alignment with our values and what is most important to us. It feels like we can never slow down long enough to catch our breath and take a break without feeling guilty and feeling like we are falling behind! (VERY yucky feeling). Like many women, you may struggle with fully trusting yourself (always questioning if you’re doing it RIGHT, is it ENOUGH),  struggle with communicating your needs, feeling worthy and able to access authentic joy.

Women CRAVE time to DO, BE and HAVE what their heart desires. They want QUALITY connections with loved ones and friends. They want to be FULLY expressed in a way that feels amazing and authentic, AND they are just not sure how to get this.

Well, I’m eager to be offering One on One Coaching!

During our coaching sessions I will guide and support you in moving you out of confusion, depletion, and into re-claiming, and re-inventing the empowered life that you DESERVE.

Coaching Pricing:

30 Minute Session $44 | 60 Minute Session $75

Packages: (save $25 to $50)

4 x 60 Minute Sessions $250 (save $25)
8 x 60 Minute sessions $350  (save $50)

What you will learn in our sessions:


How to give yourself the FREEDOM to grow, evolve, change your mind (without guilt or explanation), and be ALL of who you KNOW you are meant to be.


How to ‘mine’ the ‘gems’ from your life experiences that have felt like a painful shit show! (Yes, there are gems in those experiences too).


That you can HEAL your past pains, traumas and suffering WHILE stepping courageously into your future.


Methods to turn your negative inner critic into a constructive inner cheerleader.


How to create healthy boundaries and to say ‘NO’ in a way that feels empowering, and honors your highest good (and ultimately the highest good of those you care about).


That Inner beauty is what gives you outer radiance.


How to attract conscious, fulfilling relationships.


Overcome trying to be perfect and do things perfectly.


Self-care and self-love rituals that will bring you back into connection with your AUTHENTIC self,  so you can feel grounded, centered and balanced in your power.


Release fear and anxiety and shift into a more trusting, energizing and freeing vibration.


Find inner clarity and create a purpose-filled and passionate life that lights you up.


Tools and techniques to keep you focused on what is most important to you so you don’t get distracted by ‘shiny object’ syndrom.


How TRUST, FAITH and COURAGE are the stepping stones to living FREE.

What other women have said about working with Shelley

“Shelley is simply amazing! I look forward to our calls every week. I always leave them with a feeling of calm and “I Got this!”. If you’re looking for support in overcoming limiting beliefs, old thinking patterns, or just someone to listen and help you work through the questions and doubts that show up in your business and life I would recommend no one else but Shelley. Thank you Shelley for all your support and kindness!”

Sofia Garcês
Graphic & Branding Designer

“I chose Shelley as my coach because I felt a deep sense of connection during the discovery call. I knew she was the right person at the right time. I gained confidence and clarity in what I need to be doing to achieve my goals. I also received a ton of help in dealing with my mindset. This mindset work has given me a good foundation for the start of my business. Shelley helped me to realize that first, I have choices, and also, that with the right mindset, I can conquer the world, regardless of what choices I make! The mindset work has radically boosted my self-confidence which has impacted every area of my life.”

Ashley Whittaker



When you gain clarity about what you REALLY want…
You gain access to your true inner power
You have FULL control of how you feel and you can drop the expectations you place on others to make you happy (Eureka!)
When you know how to feel good from within, your self worth no longer comes from things outside of you. You stop needing to achieve, people please and reach goals in order to feel that you are good enough.
Finally, you will feel whole, happy and complete, just as you are.

If you are tired of trying to figure things out on your own, and unsure of how to move into your best life, then click the link below and let’s get started!

“Shelley has a well-rounded background that definitely shows in her coaching skills, techniques and amazing energy. Working with Shelley has given me insight and confidence to move forward with some ideas I’ve had for my business, but wasn’t sure if it’s something that would work.  She helped me think through ideas and suggested some helpful tools to keep me moving forward, one of which was money mindset. Shelley’s a joy to connect with and very thorough in her approach, and is very passionate about helping other women shine.”

Nicole M. Baker
Wellness Coach, TheNaturalita

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