I wanted to share a very quick tip to start your day. Did you know that by accessing your subconscious in the morning and at night, you can remove limiting beliefs and create new ways of thinking?

Here’s a quick tip you can do tonight to help you change your limiting beliefs:

Right before you fall asleep this evening, visualize exactly what you’d like to bring into your life, and feel the emotions of already having it there. For example, envision seeing your body how you want it, or getting a new client, or feeling more energy and really FEEL how that would feel. In the morning, RIGHT when you wake up, do the same thing again. You want to do this visualizing in that half-awake state, dreaming and visualizing what you want to see manifest.

When you are half-awake, you are in a ‘dream-like’ state which connects to your intuition, higher self or connects the spiritual to the physical. Cool, huh?

That’s why meditation is so encouraged. When in a dream-like, half-awake state you have the power to plant seeds of what you envision. This is a great time to recite mantras, affirmations and state goals. It seeps into your subconscious which is the driver of most of what we do and how we feel. This is how habits are created!

I encourage you to use this tip for the next week, morning and night and see what shifts for you; your energy, mindset, more positive outlook, people coming into your life, etc.

Please email me and let me know how this has helped you!

Have a meaningful day, and keep shining bright!

Shelley Craig
Lifestyle & Business Coach for soulful women

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