What is your morning mindfulness practice? Do you have one? Or, do you jump out of bed and look at your phone to see what’s going on, who needs your attention or see what everyone else is up to? Do you rush through getting ready, eat, take care of others and rush on with your day?

This is a common scenario and admittedly this can sometimes be my mornings. I know this is a common scene in most of our homes. Is this a problem? Well, it may or may not feel like a problem, but listen to what happens when we don’t take some focused time in the morning to get our mind, body and spirit aligned with our intentions, goals and truth. When we unconsciously and habitually rush through our morning we are setting ourselves up for feeling overwhelmed, irritated, overly busy and just plain not having fun or enjoying life. We forget that we are here to enjoy life, not be miserable and stressed.

What to do? A few minutes in the morning, whether it’s 3, 5 or 10 can make a significant difference in your day. If you’ve heard how important it is to sit and breath deep, listen to a guided meditation, do yoga, go for a walk or any other mindfulness and centering practice but haven’t yet started one, I invite you to start today. Here is a beautiful, guided meditation by Deepak Chopra to get you started. I listen to a LOT of guided meditations and absolutely love this one!

Living Carefree – A Mindfulness Meditation with Deepak Chopra

I know you’ll notice a difference after just a few days of listening. Either this meditation or another practice to start your day in a peaceful and powerful way. Remember it doesn’t have to be too long. It just has to guide your attention for a few minutes to a place of quiet, peace and clarity.

Please let me know how it goes for you!

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